Martin Lindstrom

Topics: Branding, marketing

Martin´s talk titles:
- Forget big data, small data defines the future
- You can laugh at your brand challenges, if you follow this simple plan
- I lived with 2,109 consumers over the past 3,650 days and discovered the tiny clues that uncover huge trends

Language: English, Danish

Travels from: New York, USA

Forget big data - small data defines the future

Change Agent. Brand Futurist. Best-selling Author. Martin Lindstrom is one of the world’s premier (and toughest) brand building experts – advising Fortune 100 brands from the Coca-Cola Company to Nestle to Red Bull on how to build future-proof brands. Lindstrom is the recipient of TIME Magazine’s “Worlds 100 Most Influential People”.

Like it or not, businesses are slowly drifting away from the consumer. Only 1 in 3,000 executives have spent time in the homes of their consumers the last year. Instead of being in touch with the consumer, we’ve become reliant on BIG data — reports, databases, and statistics — in order to understand the emotions of our most important asset.

A cluster of technological forces has changed marketing and branding more in the last 5 years than it changed in the previous 50! Any tools we’ve previously used in order to understand and communicate with consumers is now a relic of the past. But as we’ve come to rely on BIG data, a major vacuum has emerged, blinding businesses, but allowing the opportunity of Small Data to help those who seek it out.

Emerging in its place is a new approach: Small Data. Small Data is what Lindstrom defines as seemingly insignificant consumer observations which completely transform the way businesses are built and run. As he did in his New York Times best seller Buyology, Lindstrom lays out the science for his counterintuitive insights, offering vivid hands-on tools to make brands more effective.

You will learn:
  • Why Big Data no longer stands alone and how your organization should prepare for the next step in data revolution
  • How to read and understand the consumer in a completely different and overlooked manner will lead to a complete turnaround of your company
  • How to balance Big and Small Data in the future, by adding a new dimension to the way you capture, mine, and assess your data
  • Which concrete steps your company should take in order to address this new data evolution

Martin Lindstrom’s speeches are more shows than lectures, packed with visuals, sounds and amazing videos. Lindstrom appears in the audience as well as on stage, making his style highly engaged, fun, and truly interactive.

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I am empowered by Martin’s work both as a business woman and as an individual consumer. Martin has changed the way I view brands forever.

Tyra Banks, Creator of Americas next top model

Really inspired and impressed by Martin’s presentation. The best branding workshop I have attended. Dynamic and enriching all the way through.

Winkie Wong, Director
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